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렌탈스노우슈A-[ATRAS] 아트라스 스노우슈-30인치

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[3박4일 렌탈] 아트라스 스노우슈-30인치 1 0원 20,000원
[4박5일 렌탈] 아트라스 스노우슈-30인치 1 0원 25,000원
합계금액 : 0원


Technological backing for rugged adventure.

용도 : 백컨트리 스노우 트래킹 / 백컨트리 스노보드 / 설산등반

Whether you're heading up a Search and Rescue crew or you just like to get lost in an occasional whiteout, the Atlas 12 Series Snowshoe is ready to serve as your go-to big-mountain foot gear. The 12 series offers a variety of features oriented towards steeper and deeper treks so you stay on top of the snow and on top of your game.
  • Lightweight, strong 7075 aluminum frame stands up to abuse when you scramble across the occasional rock outcropping
  • Reactiv-Trac construction allows the binding, crampon, and frame to conform and articulate independently with the terrain, thereby providing a smoother flex, better grip, and improved overall control
  • V-Frame shape allows the shoe to track straight in deeper snow; tapered tail pulls less snow as you step
  • Spring Loaded Suspension system absorbs impact and lets your foot flex naturally, which means the crampon digs deeper on steep, icy ascents
  • Wrapp Pro binding offers a customizable fit, extra arch support, and one-pull UniLoop buckle design allows for easy adjustments on trail
  • Duratek decking wraps around frame for a taught fit and increased surface area
  • Stainless steel, Holey-I Toe crampons feature shovel-shaped prongs to complement sharp ice tips for optimal bite, grip, and efficiency
  • Stainless steel aft traction provides lateral stability and edging capabilities
  • Heel-lift bar relieves stress on calves during ascents by compensating for slope angle and loss of traction

아웃도어 BAG
스노우 백팩
2018 아오모리 스노우필름..
10/1~9 한가위 추석 기간 실시..
5/28出 카자흐스탄 스키/골프 ..
예전 상품 문의
루스츠 원정문의.
루스츠 견적문의 드립니다..
상품가 기준환율 (2/19일)
엔화(100엔기준) = 1,030원
캐나다($1기준) = 900원
미국달러($1기준) = 1,150원
유로(1€기준) = 1,350원
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